What We Do

BMS World Mission's centre in Birmingham is home to our Mission Training and Hospitality department, as well as our conference centre Wallis House.

“A beast of a place”
- BMS Action Team member

BMS Birmingham offers formation for people to live missionally in cross cultural settings and offers hospitality for individuals and groups involved in missional thinking both in the UK and worldwide.

The building began life in 1912, when it was known as Carey Hall Missionary Training College for Women! Today it is a modern training centre with excellent conference facilities for groups of up to 70 people, residential accommodation, ability to host training, meetings and conferences as well as courses about mission; and we even let men in now! With excellent transport links, it is the ideal place to come. We offer hospitality to more than 2000 people each year, including Baptists Together, Birmingham City Council, Moorlands, United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG), European Baptist Federation, and many others. We are also pleased to have the offices of the Heart of England Baptist Association and International Nepal Fellowship on site.

"It’s like the (Baptist) family home!"
- Jacky Story, Regional Minister